Email Address

Adams, Kelli


Balesteros, Jenner


Bolden, Susan

Elementary Spanish PK - 5th

Bolduc, Spencer

6th Grade Bible
9th Grade Bible
10th Grade Bible
11th Grade Bible

Cooper, Chris

6th & 7th Grade Science
Middle School Technology

Falksen, Lisa

4th & 5th Grade Bible, Science, & Math

Flores, Lindsey

Elementary PE

Galbraith, Camille

Financial Assistant

Garcia, Abby


Garrett, Donna

Admissions Director

Glover, Joely

8th Grade Science
9th Grade Biology
10th Grade Chemestry
12th Grade Earth & Space Science
LETU Facilitator

Hayes, Greg

9th Grade World History
10th Grade World History
12th Grade Government/Economics
12th Grade Personal Finance
LETU Facilitator

Hayes, Penny

Dean of Academics
High School Art
LETU Facilitator

Holcombe, Phyllis

3rd Grade Language Arts, Reading, & Social Studies

Jackson, Donald

8th Grade Bible

Jackson, Cyndie


Jenkins, Sonya


Johnston, Steven

Secondary Principal
12th Grade US History
11th Grade Physics
12th Grade Bible
LETU Adjunct

Jones, Matt

Athletic Director
7th Grade Boys Bible

Klinglesmith, Holly

4th & 5th Grade Language Arts, Reading, & Social Studies

Lehmann, Meghan

9th & 10th Grade Geometry
10th & 11th Grade Algebra II
LETU 11th Grade Grigonometry & Pre-Calculus
LETU 12th Grade Calculus, Elementary Statistics
College Algebra
Math Tutoring
LETU Adjunct

MacLean, Mark

IT Director
High School Technology Applications

Maclin, Georgiana

1st Grade Teacher

Martin, Anissa

High School English
LETU English Composition I & II
LETU Adjunct & Facilitator

Miller, Kellie

2nd Grade Teacher

Morales, Glynnis


Morales, Kristi

Spanish I, II, & III
LETU Facilitator

Navarro, Jami

Elementary & Middle School Art
Elementary Technology
Middle School Cheer

New, Lauren

K5 Teacher

Noice, Hannah

Office Manager
Substitute Teacher Coordinator

Odom, Jack


Rodgers, Terri


Rozier, Lezlie

Elementary Principal

Shortes, Annette

7th Grade Math
8th & 9th Grade Algebra I
12th Grade Algebraic Reasoning
Math Labs

Smith, Mary

6th - 8th Grade Language Arts
6th - 8th Grade Reading

Stephens, Laura

Middle School Math
6th Grade Social Studies
7th Grade Bible Girls

Stewart, Sarajane

Elementary Music
Secondary Music

Towns, Kylie

Communications Coordinator

Towns, Lauri

12th Grade Anatomy and Physiology

Towns, Scott

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

Walker, Dana

Middle School & High School Theater

Ward, Susan

3rd Grade Math, Science, & Bible

White, Rachel

1st Grade Teacher